International Spy Academy

Synchronize your watches for this summer and join us at the International Spy Academy,
where your special agents will learn to know, love, and live for the One True God!

Metro VBS 2019 ~ International Spy Academy

You may simply click on a name to register the child. After making the registration choices requested, and clicking SUBMIT, you may then continue the registration to complete it, or choose to register someone else and click on another child's name from the top of the page.

If you attend Metro, click “Login Here” below. It will let you sign in using your email and a password. If you don't know your password, allow it to send you an email to set one up. Once you login, it will show the parent as outside the age range. That's good! Go to the top of the page and click the name of the child you want to register, and submit. This will then allow you to register each child.

Otherwise, fill in the child’s Name, Birthdate and Email. The email address can be the parent’s email address if the child does not have one.

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